Our Promise

Congregation of Hope is an endeavour of IonCure Tech Pvt Ltd to offer lifestyle courses towards creating a better and stronger world. We are a team of Doctors, Scientists, Educators, Engineers and Professionals working towards a common objective – bringing health, hope, positivity and resilience to every house-hold.

The platform aims to offer courses on various aspects of Indian culture and lifestyle. The platform also aims to give Indians as well as others a leg up by offering courses that help their careers.

A wide variety of courses are in the works, such as Indian cuisines both well-known and obscure, Indian dance forms, musicology, mindfulness and meditation, Indian poetic forms, haiku and other world poetic forms… and much, much more.

Meet the Team

Sukant Khurana, PhD

Founder & President

Entrepreneur, academician, science communicator, and artist, having trained 4000 plus citizen scientists; pioneering in several areas of technology and basic science.

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, MS

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Linguist, Marketing Professional and Educator, with over 13 years of experience in digital marketing.

Luisa Scott

Luisa Scott, PhD

Chief Advisor

Cell biologist, pharmacologist, biochemist, and computational drug discovery expert.

Colleen Reilly, PhD


Brooks Robinson, PhD


Tejas Gupte, PhD


What We Offer

Pandemics, climate change, and instabilities are creating chaos. We at congregation of hope offer lifestyle courses towards creating a better and stronger world.

Contact Us

Write to us at congregationofhope@gmail.com