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Current Courses
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Upcoming Courses

Interested in offering a course on our platform?

We would love to host any course designed by you that fits within our broad vision. Send us your course idea at

Here are a few fair and easy terms and conditions to help you along:

  1. Our revenue model is simple – we charge a 30% fee for hosting the course, vetting the course material in line with our guidelines and collecting payments. The remaining 70% goes to you.
  2. You will get 70 percent of the course fee on any platform on which we place your course. We will add your course to any new platform we create in consultation with you.
  3. The pricing of the course is left to you.   
  4. You are free to design the course as you please – in the form of pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s or a combination of any.
  5. The course must comply with our guidelines, and not contain any material that
    1. Is plagiarised
    2. Promotes untested or unscientific medical claims
    3. Discriminates against any class of persons
    4. Contains hate speech
    5. Promotes totalitarianism or anti-democratic ideologies
    6. Promotes or criticizes any religion, corporation, for-profit organization or brand
    7. Is activism or advertising masquerading as a course
    8. Affects our profitability or reputation negatively
    9. Is deemed unacceptable by us for any other reason at our discretion.
  6. Copyright over all course material will belong to Congregation of Hope.
  7. Any course you host on a different platform must have at least 75% material differing from the one hosted at Congregation of Hope.
  8. In case you wish to terminate the course with us, you may not offer the same course on a different platform for a period of one year. On termination, all course material will be deleted by us after the last registered student has completed the course.
  9. You may choose to have live sessions at your discretion.
  10. We will handle the marketing (on social media), but we expect that you will also actively promote your course on social media.
  11. You will maintain complete confidentiality and privacy of student information. You will not harass or discriminate against students on any grounds except for academic merit.
  12. Your own privacy is guaranteed by us.
  13. You must report to us any harassment, bullying, trolling or discrimination you face from students or other course instructors on the platform. After due process, we will take appropriate punitive action against them.

Send us your course idea at