Sukant Khurana, PhD
Entrepreneur, academician, science communicator, and artist, having trained 4000 plus citizen scientists, pioneering in several areas of technology and basic science.
Mr. Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Communication expert. Polyglot, advertising professional and entrepreneur.
Luisa Scott
Luisa Scott, PhD
Entrepreneur and researcher; founder of a drug discovery company, Cognosetta. Neuroscience, science communication, and startups, based out of USA.

Mamta Shukla, PhD
Accomplished researcher in the fields of Ayurveda, phyto-pharmacology, and meditation.
Shruti Awasthi, PhD
Accomplished phyto-pharmaceutical researcher with extensive management experience as well.
Colleen Reilly
Data scientist, cancer and genetics researcher.

Dr. Ravi Nayar, Advisor
One of the most accomplished and well known physicians and medical educators.

Brooks Robinson, PhD
Neuroscience, science policy, and outreach expert, based out of USA.

Dr. Sharath Krishnaswamy, Advisor
Physician and science communicator, interested in simplifying medical concepts.

Jessie Gordon
Data Scientist based out of Canada.
Dr. Dipasri Konar
Physician and Scientist, trained in microbiology, epidemiology, and public health.
Tuneer Biswas
Lead engineer of Ioncure Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sarah Nordquist. Science communication expert and medical writer, based out of USA.
Dr. Mahua Gosh Ghoshal. Academician and industry expert. Drug discovery, computational and structural chemistry and biology.
Dr. Jeru Manoj. Neuroscientist and phytopharmaceutical expert, based out of Canada.
Dr. Le Phuong Nguyen. Pysician and microbiologist, based out of South Korea and Vietnam.
Dr. Nguyen Ly. Computational Chemistry researcher, based out of South Korea and Vietnam.
Dr. Saba Zafar. Expert in drug discovery against viruses.
Dr. Roselyn Lemus-Martin. Scientist, entrepreneur, and activist for diversity in science, based out of UK.
Dr. Shishir Gupta. Researcher and educator in bioinformatics based out of Germany.
Dr. Mugdha Srivastava. Microbiologist based out of Germany.