Course modules

Module I: What is Disease and how it is different from symptoms?

  • Major infectious diseases
  • Major lifestyle diseases
  • Example of addressing symptoms without curing the underlying diseases
  • Importance of treating the symptoms eg in case of COVID-19, cholera etc.

Module II: Basics of immune system

  • Innate vs adaptive
  • Cellular Immunity vs humoral
  • Non-cellular Immunity
  • Why is immunity low in modern population?
  • Relation between IgE/ mast cells, allergies and nematodes / worms

Module III: Role of nutrition in immunity

  • Micronutrients and vitamins
  • Balanced diet & Effect of starvation
  • Obesity / diabetes and immunity

Module IV: How to boost immunity

  • Exercise and diet
  • Food, supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Balanced physical and mental lifestyle
  • How stress adversely affects immunity

Module V: Principles of Traditional Medicine

  • Ayurveda & Yoga
  • Unani and Siddha
  • Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Korean medicine
  • Body types in traditional medicine and the modern correlates.

Module VI: Foods for boosting immunity

  • Haldi, kalonji, kalimirch, ginger, etc
  • Dosage
  • Who should consume and who should not
  • Safety

Module VII: Traditional herbs validated by modern methods

  • Ashwagandha, Tulsi,
  • Dosage
  • Who should consume and who shouldn’t
  • Safety

Module VIII: Traditional herbs not validated yet

  • Traditional claims
  • Benefits and risks

Module IX: How to make your brew

Module X: Caveats

  • Not a substitute for a doctor
  • Improving immunity is not a cure
  • About Congregation of Hope

Course instructors

Sukant Khurana, Ph.D
Luisa Scott, Ph.D
Shruti Awasthi, Ph.D
Tejas M Gupte, Ph.D
Jeru Samuel, Ph.D
Dr. Dipasri Konar

Important Information

Course Fees: USD 20 | INR 1400
Course Starts: 20 July 2020 onwards
Course Timings: TBD


  • The course will be delivered live on Zoom.
  • The Zoom link will be emailed to all who sign up.
  • Please mute yourselves while the instructor is speaking.
  • Recordings will be shared for a limited time on request.
  • Further study material will be emailed to all participants.