Immunology Basics for Everybody

Course modules

  1. Why do you fall sick? – Pathogens – bacteria, viruses, worms
  2. Why are you not sick all the time? Body’s defense mechanism – Immune system
  3. Types of defenses – innate and adaptive
  4. Shoring up your immunity
  5. Herbal solutions for enhancing immunity
  6. Lifestyle diseases reduce immunity (BP, heart disease, diabetes, obesity)

Course instructors

Tejas M Gupte, Ph.D
Luisa Scott, Ph.D
Dr. Sharath Krishnaswamy
Dr. Dipasri Konar
Dr. Jeru Samuel

Important Information

Course Fees: USD 10 | INR 700
Course Starts: 13 July 2020 – 20 July 2020
Course Timings: 7 PM IST – 8:30 PM IST


  • The course will be delivered live on Zoom.
  • The Zoom link will be emailed to all who sign up.
  • Please mute yourselves while the instructor is speaking.
  • Recordings will be shared for a limited time on request.
  • Further study material will be emailed to all participants.